Monday, 26 October 2009

Kashrus and Trust

A customer walked in and queried me about certain Kashrus Issues Re:

• Cleaning Broccoli

• Trusting Gentile owned Restaurants


• Trusting restaurants owned by non-observant Jews etc.

I basically said that one cannot generalize in this day and age or in this [viz. North American] society - despite what might be said in Classic Texts on the subject.

IOW you may have trustworthy Gentiles and "sleazy" Jews or vice versa. And so
each case and situation has to be evaluated individually.

I then regaled him with some examples.

I worked in several "Israeli-grill" or shwarma restaurants.

In one case the owner was obviously sleazy and I refused to work there except as a "Temp".

In another case, the owner was a "prince" and everything was done "just-so". As nice as the owner is, his wife is even nicer and they were very straight and kind people.

Bottom line, you really cannot accurately judge "books by their covers" even in the field of Kashrus.



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