Monday, 18 January 2010

On the Communal Nature of Mitzvot

It is obvious that the 613 is not applicable to the individual - it is only via society. "A societal endeavour to fulfill Taryag Mitzvot"

And so - How can an individual be accredited with ALL Mitzvot? See Ben Ish Chai Vo'eira year one, the 248 [R'MaCh] positive commandments may be fulfilled WHEN the individual commits to "ahavah bein yisroel" [Ahavah being the Hebrew cognate of the Aramaic Racheim]

Thus the 248 are fullfilled by each individual by means of their mutual love. See further how "l'machar = l'racheim" and how that brings about "p'dut"

May our Ahavat Yisra'el bring the ultimate p'dut Bimheira B'yameinu


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