Friday, 29 January 2010

When Arguing Without Respect

More on the ad hominem arguer

Most of Talmud is arguing one's point of view and for the most part is a respectful debate

Yet there are those that want to argue disrespectfully so and so they attack the person with ad hominems instead of attacking the argument


Let's play tennis. Two opponents compete with rackets, a ball, a net, and a court. The better hitter wins by simply outplaying his opponent within the rules. This is the usual Talmudic discourse

Now take an "ad hominem" arguer, a person who undermines his opponent and not his opponent's points of view.

It's like a tennis player who brings a shotgun instead of a racket and blows his opponent away instead of merely hitting the ball better!

This character assassin is the verbal equivalent of a tennis player who uses a shotgun instead of a racket. His interest in winning is not via debating points, but by "destroying" his opponent

When will we stop putting up with this?


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