Monday, 25 January 2010

Proposed New Sefer on Business Ethics

The Sefer Shmirat Halashon is IMHO one of the best organized s'farim in being "m'rakeiz" Talmud-Midrash-Zohar etc. On a single topic. I find this a definitive paradigm for combining machshavah on a single subject or group of related subjects.

How about a Sefer on issues of Business Ethics along the same lines? Combining statements about being honest - even to an eino-Y'hudi - and respect for property etc.? Prohibitions of g'neivas da'as, etc. Certainly the time has come for all of us to be more honest and introspective in our business dealings. A good book with ma'marei Hazal on the topic might inspire just such behaviour




Neil Harris said...

Since R Yisrael Lipkin (Salanter) was the one that suggested the idea to the Chofetz Chaim, you're in good company.

Anonymous said...

I posted this comment on the Avodah email list, but you did mention you'd like it posted here too:

You could start with Sefer Dinei Mamonot by R' Ezra Batzri, (also translated into English by R' Eliyahu Touger). Most of the space is spent covering the halachot in great detail (which I think cover most if not all of Choshen Mishpat), but it also has chapters at the back of each volume on "The Ethical Dimension of the Halacha". Clearly those chapters are much shorter than Shemiras HaLashon, but it's a start.

Additionally, there are chapters on this in other mussar seforim, for example Pele Yoetz.

Ken B said...

I think I found a suitable sefer. It's in the series "Sidrat Tikun HaMidot" by Avraham Tuvolsky (who collected sayings from Chazal through the acharonim), vol 6, it's name is "Hizahau b'mammon chavreichem".