Saturday, 1 May 2010

Seeing Policies Everywhere - Gerut 1

In the wake of the Gerut Controversy, I'm offering an educated but NOT an expert opinion on this matter I have posted this in another forum and I will BEH expand upon this further.

I think that making a policy l'chatchila to be strict is certain within the purview of Beth Din - l'migdar Milta OTOH - The highly controversial decision to revoke. Gerut retroactively seems to me as unprecedented Those who were already converted b'di'avad should all be grandfathered in as legitimate converts - perhaps barring some kind of scam.

On a go forward basis we can then decide new "policy" particularly as "hora'at sha'ah" But I'm no dayan, so this is just an opnion - not a p'saq.»


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