Monday, 31 May 2010

It's Meritorious to Find Merit

Kitzur Likutei Moharan
Lesson 6:12 P. 43 in the new BRI edition..

«A person must always endevour to look for every merit and every bit of good it is possible to find ... [In people] .. even those who oppose and humiliate him. Then he will always be saved from strife...»

And I'm guessing the converse would also be true - namely that those who are full of strife - the "baalei machloqet" - are mostly fault finders.

Corporate Management styles often reflect this. From "Dilbert" to the "One Minute Manager" we see that some corporate cultures judge by finding the right and the good And others by identifying the wrong and the bad. And in which culture would you prefer to work?

And apply this to schools, too - and see how it plays out..

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