Saturday, 15 May 2010

Perfect Mis-Understanding #6 - Fasting on 10th of Tevet

From the Avodah List:

On Sun, Jan 11, 2009 at 4:59 AM, Danny Schoemann wrote:
In response to one of my Halocho-a-day posts people keep on writing in informing me that if 10 B'Teves were to [theoretically] fall on Shabbos, we would fast. Over the years I've heard this from various people. Where does this Halocho come from? The SA in OC 550:3 says "if these 4 fasts fall on Shabbos that are deferred to Sunday."


- Danny

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My Response:
I think this is another perfect mis-understanding. This is the ONE fast of the four that falls on FRIDAY and we fast anyway. And since we do fast PAST kabbalat Shabbos until tzeit this probably contributed to the mis-understanding. [Note some say fasting this late is NOT necessary but the Minhag is to fast until Tzeit]

So these factors IMHO have caused a a perfect mis-understanding leading people to BELIEVE that if it DID fall on Shabbot we would fast. But had they consulted as you did - it is obviously false - a pashut Kal vachomer from Tisha b'Av.


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