Wednesday, 23 November 2011

JVO: Thanksgiving

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Question:How can Jews bring Judaism into celebrating Thanksgiving?
I would favor consulting Traditional Siddurim [Prayer Books] Jewish Prayers are filled with expressions of thanks. Any recitation using them would accomplish Thanksgiving and incorporate a Jewish aspect.

For example, one could recite one or both of the "Modim" prayers. Or the morning Modeh Ani prayer

My own favorite is Psalm 100 Mizmor leTodah, a Psalm of Thanksgiving. In particular I enjoy Louis Lewandowski's awesome choral composition of same. It is a most inspiring way to express gratitude.

And following dinner as we recite the "Birkat Hamazon" the 2nd Blessing is based upon the theme of thanks - "Nodeh Lecha"

My in-laws "Did Thanksgiving" on the Friday Night Shabbat Dinner on the Day after the Secular Thursday. There is perhaps no more Jewish way to celebrate Turkey Day than by having it as a Friday Night Shabbat Feast

I hope these help

Happy Thanksgiving

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Avraham said...

i say to read a bit of American history and understand in what way it is a blessing. and even better --discuss some of the principles that the USA was founded on starting from John Locke and Hobbes. because after all America is their brain child.