Tuesday, 29 November 2011

The Battle of the Tunnel - Part 2

Last year, we reported and commented on what we termed "The Battle of the Tunnel" between Atheists and Roman Catholics in that the former put a billboard at one end of the Lincoln Tunnel while the latter put up one on the other end. See http://nishmablog.blogspot.com/2010/12/battle-of-tunnel.html.

Well it seems that the battle may be on for this year as well -- well at least the atheists have fired the first shot for this year. They have put up a billboard on one end of the Tunnel with a similar message to the one they presented last year. This year they have pictures of Neptune, Jesus, Santa Claus and the Devil with the question "What do you see?" It seems that they are trying to be a bit more subtle this year, not challenging everyone to be atheist but calling upon those church going people who secretly are atheists to, figuratively, come out of the closet. Further on this, see

The Roman Catholics have not responded yet as far as I know.  If they do, I most likely would have the same dilemma as I had last year, effectively siding, in a certain way, more with the atheists than the Roman Catholics. Let's face it, in regard to this year's billboard, I would agree with the atheists putting Neptune, a divine Jesus, Santa Claus and a Christian presentation of the Devil, in the same category.

Rabbi Ben Hecht

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