Monday, 28 November 2011

The increasing chasm Amongst Jewish Factions

«Which leads me to the following question: Who is there anywhere in the Jewish world whose passing would evoke the sense of shared loss that was felt when Peretz died? Is there anyone in the Jewish world – in Israel, the United States, or anywhere else – who would be mourned by secularists and religious Jews alike, conservatives and liberals, Zionists and those more dubious about the Jewish state? Were Haim Nahman Bialik to die now, would the Israeli religious community mark his passing? (In 1934, it did.) Were Rabbi Shlomo Goren alive now, would American Reform and Conservative Jews see his loss as theirs, too? Would Israeli Orthodox Jews take note of the loss of Abba Hillel Silver? »

Daniel Gordis
A Tale of Two Funerals



I have long admired Abba Hillel Silver as a spokesman for Jewry, but I'm no fan of his "theology. I can say similar things about Z'ev Jabotinsky.

Certain leaders were imho good for our Nation, but not so good for our Religion. [And perhaps vice versa]


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