Monday, 3 October 2011

A Full-Size Tallit Fits All

The Hayyei Adam Hil. Tzitzit 11:9 opines to not make a brachah nor to rely upon a small Tallit - except as an all day reminder - and to davka wear and make a barchah on a full size Tallit. "...Y'rei Shamayim Lo Yismoch al zeh [Tallit Katan] k'lal.."

Mashma, he does not favor the common Eastern Ashkenazic Minhag of Bachurim not wearing a Tallit Gadol. This seems to support the Western Ashkenaz and Eidot Mizrach Minhag of Tallit Gadol for all B'nei Mitzvah


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Adam Zur said...

that is probably based on the gra that you need a size larger than an amah