Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Hayom Yom R'vii - the Long Awaited Day

When I read today's shir shel yom Psalm 94, I was aroused by the sentiments expressed therein -
"Keil n'makamot Hashem... Hasheiv g'mul al gei'I'm"
[Tangentially -"mashpil gei'im.."]

In just the last few years we have been zocheh to see a "comeuppance" for many of the "gie'I'm" in the Middle East.
And soon perhaps Assad
Yimach Sh'mam.
One might consider even other candidates such as Mubarak, etc.
After we have spent decades crying "ad matay"! It's a real "Zeh Hayyom Asah Hashem" to realized that Saddam is gone after 30+ years and Khadafy is gone after 40+ years. As we had impatiently waited for the termination of their respective evil reigns, Hashem patiently toppled them in HIS own good time
"Kein yov'du chol oy'vecha Hashem.." Bimheirah B'yameinu


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