Wednesday, 19 September 2012

K'dushah d'Yotzeir w/o a Minyan

I frequently attend the Minchah Minyan at the Anshei Lubavich of Fair Lawn. People come from all kinds of backgrounds, including several Yekkes, Sephardim, Israelis etc.

The topic of how to recite K'dushat Yotzeir [aka K'dushah dimyushav] w/o a Minyan came up recently.

1. With trop
2. Plain as is
3. Skip etc.

I had my Hayyei Adam with me, and yet I couldn't find anything there. Then I went back to work and checked my Kitzur SA which has mar'eh m'komot, and from there I found the Makor in SA/Rema and M"B

Mare'h M'komot
Kitzur SA 15:9
Goldin's fn 9 ==>
SA/Rema O"Ch 59:3
B'er Hagolah 4,5,6
M"B 10 [MGA]
11 [GRA, PMG b'sheim L'vush]

Informal survey -

What do you do?
I usually just read it as is with its trop.

Shanah Tovah,
Best Wishes for 5773!

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