Monday, 10 September 2012

The DNC Awkward Moment?

It is being referred to as the DNC Awkward Moment -- the voice vote to amend the platform to include mention of God and the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Maybe, though -- and being a Canadian (whose government just withdrew its embassy from Iran!), one could say that its not really any of my business -- its not really what it may seem to be. See the below and take a look at the moment:

 Now what occurred: either the Democratic Party is very foolish or somewhat cunning. On the surface, it seems the former. Publicly, it would seem that they have pie on their face. They overlooked these items on the agenda -- so, they say -- and then they try to correct it with what you would think they would hope for, a resounding voice vote in approval of the amendment. That's clearly what it would seem they wanted and so they just called for a voice vote. But that's not what they got. Right there, in front of CNN's cameras, three times they called for the vote. Do you think that from the voice vote it was so obvious that they got the 2/3rds majority they needed? Well, the chair said they did -- but what did the tv audience see? Again, it just looks like pie on their face -- especially with CNN showing an Arab American Democrat (with sign) yelling No.

Ah but what potential cunning -- could it be that the message was 'wink, wink' we had to say this in our platform -- finally -- but you and I both know what we really are thinking. What a way to have your cake and eat it too. The Democrats can say that they are pro-Israel while they can also say that they are also the party that is pro-Arab -- and there is the proof right on the screen. So the rhetoric was pro but you can see what is really happening. Was it an oversight or was it staged?

But just to be on the safe side, watch the other approach CNN took to reporting the vote:

The issue wasn't Jerusalem but God. That's what people were upset about -- they were atheists upset about this new inclusion of God in the platform. Everyone is obviously pro Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Just next time, CNN should perhaps not show the obvious Arab American yelling No. If you notice on the latter link, you don't see his Arab American Democrat sign. Its just an atheist opposing the God platform. And to make that point, no mention of Jerusalem in the latter link.

Awkward moment. Perhaps -- perhaps, better presented as a bumbling moment. Or, perhaps, a cunning moment -- to keep the ambiguity while also trying to show all the sides that they are really the one that the Democrats favour.

Isn't politics grand?

Rabbi Ben Hecht

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