Monday, 3 September 2012

Results of Poll on: Reciting Birkot Hanehenin

In our last poll, we inquired

New Poll: Reciting Birkot Hanehenin

 What is our primary focus or gain from recting birkot Hanehenin?

1. To enhance our Attitude of Gratitude towards HKBH by constantly reminding us of what HKBH provides us.
2. To enhance our awareness of HKBH by constantly reminding us of Hamakom's Omnipresence

3. To make the sensual enjoyment of food and aroma a spiritual experience.

4. To keep our mind occupied so as avoid or prevent idle or evil thoughts.

Your Responses (total 2)
Choice 1 - 100%  (2)
Choice 2 - 00%  (0)
Choice 3 - 00%  (0)
Choice 4 - 00%  (0)

Rabbi Wolpoe
While there was not much response to this poll, please note that Nishmablog polls are designed more for introspection/reflection and less for "stats".


Anonymous said...

I am subscribed to this blog via RSS, and was unaware of the poll. In the future, could you please announce the poll as a postscript in a blog post? Thanks!!!

Rabbi Ben Hecht said...

Will do, b"n.