Sunday, 2 September 2012

Torah Jews in Israel, a New Demographic

«Deputy Education Minister (Yahadut HaTorah) Menachem Eliezer Moses on Monday morning addressed a chareidi forum in Elad, directors of mosdos addressing the coming school year.
He explains that in 5773, for the first time ever, the chareidi and dati leumi tzibur will represent the majority among preschool children, 52%. Just 15 years ago, the chareidim represented a mere 12.6% and today, that number stands at 32%. The dati leumi community adds the 20% to bring the shomer shabbos preschool community to the majority.»

| Deputy Minister Moses Points Out the Simple Demographic Realities | Yeshiva World News

Shanah Tovah,
Best Wishes for 5773!

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