Monday, 25 March 2013

Some of Minhagei Taimanim-Baladim at the Seder

Hasdei Hashem! My Baladi Teimani friend just came by via "Hashgachah P'ratith" to answer many of my Questions...

A. Layl HaSeder In Shul -
Hallel Shaleim without a B'rochoh

B. Karpas -
B'rochoh AN"Y before washing
Eat a K'zayith
B'rochoh BN"R afterwards
[no connection to Marror]

C. Marror -
No Borei P'ree Ha'adama

D. 4 Kossoth -
4 times BPH"G
4 times Al Haggeffen

E. Maggid IS deemed a Hefseq

F. They follow the Rambam's Seder w/o any [known] deviation

G. Year Round:
Davar Shetibbullo b'mashqin *Pahuth mik'zayith* -
Wash but w/o B'rochoh AN"Y

This matches Mishnah B'rurah and 1 opinion in Kaf HaChaim.

Hag Kasher v'Samei'ach
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