Thursday, 29 August 2013

Do $60.00 Etrogim reflect Torah Values, or Capitalist Values? - 2

«The cost of etrogim is directly related to the demand: All varieties of etrog trees bear many fruit of all sizes and shapes, and theoretically the vast majority are kosher [meaning fit for use in the Four Species bundle]. However, the market keeps demanding more and more "ideal" etrogim, with nary a blemish, which means that each fruit is tended to carefully, including tying it to keep it from rubbing against other fruits or branches or thorns (etrog trees are very thorny) and packaging it separately even at the wholesale stage to ensure no bruising. This "personal handling" from the orchard to the packing house adds to the cost to the consumer.»
How dear a hadar tree's fruit can be - The Jewish Standard

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