Sunday, 25 August 2013

Huffington Post: What You Read About Egypt is Wrong

In my latest blog on Huffington Post-Canada, I deal with the present situation in Egypt. While there is much more that could be said on the subject, the focus of my piece was specifically on the complexity of the matter and the drive by individuals to simplify what is happening. It is this simplification which, I believe, leads people to improperly perceive and define what is happening in the Middle East. It is, thus, a topic I wanted to address and while on the surface this piece would seem not to have a specific Jewish slant, it is my belief that it inherently does. One, because part of Torah is truly comprehending the complexity of life. Two, because such comprehension in this case will lead also people to better understand Israel's viewpoint.

I invite you to take a look at: What You Read About Egypt is Wrong

My original title for the post, btw, was 'The Complexity of Egypt' but it was changed by the editors. The fact is that they originally changed the title to 'Why It's Easier to Lay Blame Than to Understand Egypt's Issues' before arriving at the present title. 

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Rabbi Ben Hecht

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