Saturday, 31 August 2013

Mussar: Do $60.00 Etrogim reflect Torah Values, or Capitalist Values? - 4

Rabban Gamliel taught us that we need to prevent extravagant funerals lest people get priced out of doing this most important mitzvah.

Rav Schwab Z"L in his day as well as several Hassidisher Rebbes today, are reining in the cost of outlandish S'machot [simhcos].

Leaders see the big picture, that keeping up with the Material Joneses is bad for the Jewish N'shamah - a form of Lo Tachmod. An Etrog is admittedly more ambiguous due to the Hiddur Mitzvah with which it is duly assoicated.

However, our case in Hilchot R'fu'ah, in our first post, teaches us that gouging for a mitzvah is still not an acceptable practice.

Finaly, when we decry non-Ortho's for promoting EG
Political Correctness
At the expense of Torah Values

So how can we promote Capitalism at the expense of Torah values? Is Capitalism any more Kosher than the other "isms" listeed above?

The answer my friend is deep and honest introspection that goes along with this time of year. The temptation for denial, or the tendency to defend the status quo, should still yield to Torah sources.

Shanah Tovah!
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