Saturday, 7 December 2013

Mussar: Squeezing Shabbat for Immediate Gratification

Why do people order food from a Glatt Kosher restaurant and demand that it be delivered by 7:00 PM on Motzo'ei Shabbat when Shabbat ends about 5:40?

Don't "Shomer Shabbat" people understand that it takes time for:
• The Mashgi'ach to get to the restaurant,
• The Mashgi'ach to light all the fires,
• The cooks to cook,
• the Deliverer to deliver!

If they're sincerely ordering Glatt Kosher food, why squeeze Shabbat?

Can't they wait to eat a few more minutes out of respect for Shabbat, and so that others don't have to rush, sometimes in traffic?

I find this a distasteful practice when ordering good food. Give it time to get it right and exercise some deferred gratification.

Kol Tuv,

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