Thursday, 19 December 2013

Obamacare and Freedom of Religious Practice

Dear Readers, especially those in the USA - 
A group of Rabbis are currently working with a top constitutional law firm in DC to file an important brief with the Supreme Court. Right now, the Obama administration is trying to establish a precedent that Jews or other religious people can be forced to violate their religion, simply because they are operating a business. In May 2012, the Rabbinical Council of America admirably led on this issue and passed a convention resolution against Obamacare forcing many employers to provide abortion-inducing drugs, sterilization, and contraception coverage regardless of religious objections. Here is the link to the resolution:
Unfortunately, the Obama administration did not change its mind. A lawsuit is now advancing to the Supreme Court. 
There is a good possibility that this brief would be cited by the Supreme Court. This would allow Traditional Jews to play a leading role in safeguarding religious liberties not only for Jews, but for all Americans. This effort is very expensive, and could normally run into the six-figure range. These rabbis have been able to secure top-quality help for a tremendous discount, but it will still cost about $25,000 to put together and publish the amicus brief for the Supreme Court.
The Supreme Court's filing deadline is fast approaching. This is a chance to show Orthodox Jewish leadership on a critical religious freedom issue. 
Please consider donating a few dollars to the effort at: 

Please spread the word to your friends or relatives.
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