Monday, 23 December 2013

When a Student Doesn’t “Fit In” - R Eliyahu Safran

«We are blessed to be living at such a time, at a time when politicians are genuinely and fervently concerned with "Jewish issues."  At the local and national levels, policy makers are truly supportive of the needs of the Jewish community and of Israel.

We are indeed blessed.

And yet… and yet with all these blessings so many of the leaders of our schools and our communities seemingly act cold and hard, rather than with openness and understanding.  The irony is damning.  No place has this been more apparent than in the way that yeshivot treat and "manage" their so-called "difficult" students, those students whose needs and behaviors often cry out for attention.

The "riches" of having more students than they can fit in their classrooms has made them greedy and more than willing to simply "weed out" any student who does not hew perfectly to strict and rigid rules.  After all, what could be easier than to simply remove a student who, for whatever reason, needs or demands more time or attention, and replace him or her with some other student who will be more compliant, better-behaved?  With a metzuyan!

Easier?  Perhaps.  But right?»
The Disposable Student: When a Student Doesn't "Fit In" » - The Online Voice of Torah Jewry

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