Tuesday, 19 August 2014

A Tale of Two Ages, Darkened and Enligthened

Once Upon a Time there was a Mommy and her beautiful baby daughter Samah. The daughter grew to be an adorable young girl, but the Mommy, wasn't too smart.
Once day the little girl Samah fell and hurt her leg. While the Mommy tried to take care of little Samah, she refused to see the local doctor, Learsi. You see Dr. Learsi was so advanced, he was deemed to be an evil wizard.

Finally, Samah's leg turned colors and so the Desperate Mommy reluctantly went to Learsi to heal her beloved child.

Dr. Learsi declared "Gangrene has set it" and so he cut off Samah's infected leg. There was blood. There was pain. Samah, was now deformed. But Learsi had saved Samah's life.

There are 2 endings to the story. Please pick one.

1. The Mommy realized that despite Samah's loss, Dr. Learsi saved her daughter's life. She fell into deep gratitude and herself learned to become more enlightened in the ways of modern medical miracles.

2. The Mommy screamed in horror. She saw blood. She saw guts, she felt pain. She screamed, ranted and cursed. She committed to oppose modern surgery as just human butchery. She became even more backward and more intolerant. Her goal was to discard her Samah on the trash heap of history by offering her as human sacrifice to her benighted god of hatred, in order to destroy Learsi.

The end.
Shalom and Best Regards,

"A wise man changes his mind, a fool never" ~Spanish Proverb

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