Sunday, 3 August 2014

UN Hijacked by Hypocrisy and Cynicism

The Jewish Standard:
It's difficult to know what to make of the United Nations' condemnation of Israel's defensive actions, when it seems to obvious that this war, finally, is one that the free world should be able to understand. This video attempts to explain the current state of the United Nations.

Former deputy-Foreign Minister and Israeli Ambassador Danny Ayalon produced this video, explaining, "Hypocrisy and cynicism have taken over the United Nations, the delegitimization perpetrators and Israel boycotters take advantage of the UN's image as an advocate of human rights in order to pass anti-Israeli resolutions which attempt to isolate Israel. It is important to spread the truth that the UN has been transformed into a political arena by undemocratic states who trample on human rights, and UN resolutions must be treated accordingly."
Kol Tuv,

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