Sunday, 17 August 2014

L'affaire Dreyfus, une Autre Fois?

It was the original Dreyfus Affaire that prompted Herzl to seek an Asylum for Jews in Zion!

The irony is that Europe is making a STRONGER case for Zionism than at any time in recent history,
«The case of France
France is today the poster child of the resurgence of European anti-Semitism. But, says Foxman, "There's an irony about it."

"If you were to ask me about a country dealing with anti-Semitism in a responsible way, it would be France," he says. He gives a nod to Jacques Chirac, who during his rule saw a Jewish school bombed in 1995 and was spurred to action in 2002 by a surge of attacks in Istanbul and an attempted bombing of a French Jewish day school.

"Chirac woke up and realized it could have been a much worse disaster," says Foxman, who explains most countries are in denial of their latent anti-Semitism. France, however, set up an interministerial task force, has provided the Jewish community with security, and "every expression of anti-Semitism has been met with very serious condemnation, starting with the prime minister and president," says Foxman.»
Are the 'sins' of Israel visited on Europe's Jews? | The Times of Israel

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