Monday, 25 August 2014

Why I left one of the most influential Christian families in the world - by Finis Leavell Beauchamp

«It may seem incredible that a young man who had plowed through everything from Sartre to Schopenhauer to Sikhism in a quest to get at some type of metaphysical truth after Christianity would have neglected to investigate Judaism or the Jews. In order to fully explicate this curiosity I must provide context.

First, as a former Evangelical Christian, I had been indoctrinated since infancy with the notion that Judaism used to be a religion – but was no longer. Judaism was a Broken Covenant that had been firmly supplanted, or repaired, by Christ. I had never once read the Old Testament without seeing it through the lens of the New Testament. It would have been akin to reading the American Constitution without mentally interjecting the Bill of Rights at every stage. It was inconceivable to me that there could still be persons roaming the earth, two millennia after Christ, who believed in the Law of Moses, and nothing more.

Second, while it had never been explicitly taught, I had simply imbibed, perhaps in the very air of the South, that the Jews remaining on earth were not members of a religion, but were rather a distinct racial group – similar to Africans or Asians. ...»

The Christian Defector

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