Thursday, 28 August 2014

Calling Israel’s actions "Genocidal" is a deadly lie - Fight the Blood Libel by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach

Calling Israel's actions genocidal is a deadly lie
«Through the course of this war in Gaza, Israel's third there since it withdrew fully in 2005, I have had to respond publicly to a number of friends and acquaintances who either intentionally or unwittingly committed themselves to the ranks of Israel's most rabid haters. This is especially true of those who joined the global blood libel chorus that falsely and poisonously accuses Israel of genocide.

I was fully aware that in doing so I risked losing those relationships. But I responded nonetheless. Not just to defend Israel and the Jewish people against the depraved charge of mass murder, but because I heard the cry of those who perished in the seven real genocides in the 100 years since the First World War, whose anniversary we commemorated this year.»
The Jewish Standard

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