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HHH - Matzah - Difficulty with Sephradic Practice

Originally published 3/14/10, 9:00 pm.
Some [all?] Sephardim do not make Hamotzi on Matzah EXCEPT on Passover since they do not consider it LECHEM but LECHEM ONI
The problem? The Mishnah/Haggadah containing the [so-called] four-questions equates the year 'round eating of Hametz with Matza. This, in turn, presupposes that they are equally valid for kevia's S'eduha all year round. 
I actually heard this quoted from a Sephardic Hacham.

And FWIW - the concept that Lechem Happanim was made from matzah seems to support the Matzah=Lechem equation, too.

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Rabbi Richard Wolpoe said...

To reiterate- teh premise here is that lechem ONI is the dynamic for the lack of Hamotzi [outside of Passover] itself.

However, Some Sepharadim have e-mailed me that the dynamic is about soft bred vs. hard crackers. I have requested that those Sepharadim elaborate in the Comments section of this Blog

Shavua Tov

Anonymous said...

My impression is that those Sepharadim that normally make mezonot on hard matza, make hamotzi on that same matza during pesach because then it is lechem oni.

Rabbi Ben Hecht said...

My understanding is also that the Sephardim hold that it is on Pesach that matzah attains the status of lechem because it is used as such but the rest of the year it is not perceived to be a lechem and thus is treated as a cracker. This, of course, gets into the whole issue of the definition of lechem with significance in this case that the ingredients are basically exactly the same. The question from the Haggadah, though, still stands.

Rabbi Ben Hecht