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Ta'am of eating matzah - From Avodah

From the Avodah List

I am struck by a different question, however, related to this issue. We
are told that Avraham baked matzos on Pesach. In the above inyan we see
that matzah is connected to leil seder. So who set the calendar before
the mitzvah was given in Parshas Bo?
The calendar is mentioned in Chumash as early as Parshas Noach (Bereishis 7:11, 8:4, among other places). Thus, the question (at least in my mind) is not where did the calendar come from, but rather, what is the chiddush of HaChodesh Hazeh Lachem?

I have a completely different POV on this matter. Based loosely upon archaeology and alleged comments by R. MM Kasher heard from S/A/R High via my daughter Chana Yocheved...

Hypothesis: the issur of Hametz is rooted in the fact that this was an Egyptian delicacy
hence it's issur for BOTH mizbeyach and for Passover....

  1. Hebrews in the Land of Canaan ALWAYS ate matzo, Hametz was "alien"
  2. When HKBH tooks US out of Egypt HE also took EGYPT out of us by forbidding this Egyptian delicacy

[Avraham &] Lot had been to Egypt but he reverted to the Hebrew Minhag of Matza and did NOT make Hametz. Hence Lot was performing a PROTO-yetzias mitzarayim, or simply NEVER being assimilated to Egyptian culture in the first place he was actually doing a "super-Yetzia"

Also: [I had planned to BLOG this a while ago]
  1. Kema'seh eretz Mitzaryyim... becomes a MAJOR" Meta-Mitzva
  2. It answers the Hinuch's puzzlement with the issur of dvash and s'or in the korban Minchah - i.e. BOTH are Egyptian delicacies!
  3. It would seem that we really should have zero hametz all year, but HKBH reduced it to Passover [anniversary] and to Menachos [except lachmei Soda AND shtei halechem...]
  4. While Rashi et. al. seem to point out that Kedoshim is the "Core" off the Torah, the actual preface to this core could be a perek earlier in Acharei mos
  5. Which is another reason to read this meta-Mitzva on YK
  6. Implicit in this Parsha read on Minhach YK is also the Parsah of Kedoshim, but we are mekatzer...
  7. This meta-Mitzva doevtails well with the Rambam's thesis [in the Moreh] that much of the Torah has an anti-AZ agenda [i.e.issur Hametz is related to Egyptian culture etc.]
  8. This probably further supports Rambam's thesis of Bassar BeHalav over Ramban's [see the Hinuch for details] becausue aiui arachaeology supports that this was a pagan ritual

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