Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Cognitive Dissonance - Subtracting from Talmud 2 (and adding)

The Mishna Model is to say 1 bracha at the beginning of laining and a closing bracha at the end.

The Talmud revised this to 2 brachot per aliyah - instead of 2 per q'riah

Issue #1: Number of aliyyot


On the Mishnaic level, there is no problem,

A) since there is no issue of adding extra brachot

B) and there is no upward limit to aliyot on Shabbat


On the Talmudic Level

since The Talmud revised this to 2 brachot per aliyah

we have the following questions:

A) how can we be assured that the Mishnaic license to add olim applies on the Talmudic level?
Since s'feik brachot lehakeil - how can we be safe to add aliyot that trigger additional brachot?

B) Is this discussed in the Halachic Literature?


Issue #2

The Mishna and Talmud require a Meturgemman. Since we are no longer literate in Aramaic, we have suspended with this Talmudic requirement


A) how come we still lain w/o following the Talmudic format?

B) more importantly - Since s'feik brachot lehakeil - how can we recite brachot on the Torah when laining in a nonconformist fashion?

C) I'm timzei lomar we can lain and even do so with a bracha even "sans" Meturgeman, why not revert to the Mishnaic Model and reduce the brachot back to the [future] Mishnaic model?

Since no bracha would be involved - perhaps this would also therefore empower women and children to get an aliya again w/o issues of K'vod Tzibbur?



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