Monday, 17 August 2009

Rhetorically Speaking

Someone - The Riddler - was trying to point out to my friend Shloymie that rhetorical questions were "put downs" or "power ploys"

Shloymie: "What's wrong with rhetorical questions?"

RRW: "Who says there is anything wrong with rhetorical questions?"

Shloymie: "didn't the Riddler say they are wrong?"

RRW: You mean wrong like as in the Torah Wrong?

Shloymie: what other wrong is there?

RRW: Was Avraham wrong?

Shloymie: whatcha mean?

RRW: Do you know how many rhetorical questions he asked Hashem to save Sodom?

Shoymie: but how about Korach's hutzpah question to Moshe "madua tisnas'u al Qehal Hashem?"

RRW: How about Moshe's rhetorical question: "hatzon uvaqar yishacheit..."?

Shloymie: is that why Moshe was punished?

RRW: maybe Moshe shouldn't have seen Qorach's question as hutzpah? Maybe he should have understood it literally?
Maybe he should have answered it straightorwardly

Shloymie: But what about the Riddler?

RRW: Good Questions!



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