Wednesday, 26 August 2009

I, You, He

Elul is the month for introspection. Here is something to ponder

I have gift of gab.

You are quite chatty.

He is a run-on bore


I am a gourmand

You enjoy your food

He is a glutton


I take a moderate position

You play games with Halachah

He is an out-and-out heretic.

These games we play can be harmless and even amusing at times

Here is a game a friend of mine played with me.

A When Rambam adds bracha for ner shabbat he is merely conforming to Talmudic norms! Its absence from the Talmud is irrelevant

B. When the Mechaber of the SA adds the bracha on ner hanukkah in a bet knesset - he is merely in error. Because this bracha exists, only its use in shul and not at home is a minor issue

So the fact that he fails to conform to Talmud is an error but no big deal


C When Abudarham adds the bracha "sheassani kirtzono" for women which does not exist in Talmud he must be an outright reformer!



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