Thursday, 20 August 2009

Positively Historical

I have been construed as being a devotee of the "historical school". However, this is not quite true

What is true is that I do approach Judaism (and baseball) from a traditional-historical perspective. EG do you realize that Teixara is the best defensive Yankee first baseman since Mattingly? Better than Tino?! (It's offensive to talk about Giambino's defense! ;-)

My friend Micha has opined that Positive Historical was inherently flawed - because it conflated Wissenshaft and Torah. He has a point

However, to me the fatal flaw of The P-H School was the attitude of its founders

Perhaps if it had been founded by Traditionalists like Aruch Hashulchan or Hassam Sofer, it might have remained "frum" all along. IOW the nature of its critical attitude set it off on the wrong path, not the mix of scientific methods to investigate Torah.

I am drafting BEH a post on the proper boundaries between Torah and W-shaft. So please withhold comments on that aspect until posted



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