Monday, 17 August 2009

Parsha Shof'tim - To King or Not to King

Canadians undoubtedly will favour the Royalist Position whilst Americans will undoubtedly favour the Republican Position!

The Torah states WHEN you ask for a KING you shall surely place one -
Even [or especially] when asking to be like the surrounding nations.

Sh'muel [with Hashem's approbation] protests that his people requested a King just like "the Goyim"

If our Sidrah-Parsha is telling us that this appointment is optional and subjunctive to a request, this all makes perfect sense. Then, the objection was to the Request for appointing that King. But, once requested, that request Must be Honoured as per Torah Law in our Parshah.

However, Rambam Sefer Hamitzvot et. al. REQUIRE a King. And by implication require asking for one. Then Sh'muel's protests seem difficult to fathom.

I have some answers but I was wondering what you readers might say?


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