Friday, 9 April 2010

A Proposed Course In Liturgy using Artscoll - Module 2, Yamim Noraim

The Second Module Comprises the "High Holiday" Cycle

2A - Rosh Hashanah
2B - Yom Kippur
2C - S'lichot leemay Teshuvah


2A + 2B have some additional "dividends"

1 Brief Laws of the Customs of the Holidays

2 Mishnayot RH and Yoma

3 Commentaries on:
A Teqi'at Shofar
B Tashlich
C The Avodah

4 Loads of "Extra" Liturgy e.g.:
A Sheer HaYichud
B Tefillah Zakkah
C Vidduy of R Nissim

The Artscroll S'lichot has a structural description of how the S'lichot vary in format and theme
Aqeidah, Shlishiyah, etc.

Plus a good deal of biographical and historical info lay embedded in the introductions and commentaries.

Cross Referencing may be made between the S'lichot of Ellul and those of "Ta'anit Tzibbur". Both works overlap in form, structure, etc.

Once completing Modules 1 and 2, the student will have mastered virtually all the foundational principles of how the Tefillot are structured, and how the optional Piyyutim fit into the milieu.

There is also a wealth of Hashqafa information as well as many tear-jerking pleas for forgiveness, etc. Plenty of poetry and prose, drama, and even some joy here and there.


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