Monday, 12 April 2010

A Modified "Ellul Z'man" Curriculum

Earlier I posted:

«However, isn't it reasonable to scale down that lofty requirement to have the Students learn all the Mishnayot of the entire Masechta first?A fairly in depth look at the Mishnayot will take a lot less time than covering every Daf in the Gmara itself, yet, nevertheless, yield a fairly substantial subset anyway»

And so here is a proposal for Yeshivot to use during Ellul z'man

Instead of starting the year's masechta using Gmara, cover the Mishnayot instead.

Since removing G'mara would yield extra time I would supplement it with some introspective material such as Rambam MT Hilchot T'shuva or Rabbeinu Yonah's Shaarei T'shuva, etc.

Furthermore, I would cover a Halachic text on the Halachot of

1 Ellul
2 RH
3 YK
4 Sukkot
5 Lulav
6 Yom Tov
7 Chulo Shel Moed

To round out the Ellul Z'man Program

Any incompleted areas could be assigned during Sukkot vacation


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