Sunday, 4 April 2010

Orthodox Women Rabbis - Is the timing right?

The mashal:

Star Date:
11-2008 African American Barak Obama is chosen freely as President over fierce competition with Hilary Clinton and John McCain... Since Barak was shown few favors - except maybe for a fawning press :-) - little backlash was experienced. Barak has either been embraced or grudgingly accepted.


Parallel Universe: (prime = ')

Parallel stardate Fall, 1872 Party Bosses' - knowing what's best - impose Barak Obama' as Dictator of USA' In the aftermath of its Civil War' in order to FORCE an end to racism

KKK learns of this - and its Recruitments go up. Crosses' are burned. Linching of Blacks' is rampant. Civil Rights' Is set back 200 years in USA'


The imposition was immature Fools rushed in where wise men hesitated. Not being able to be "roeh es hannolad", USA' suffered a virulent backlash...



Only you can determine if the Orthodox Jewish society is ready NOW, or needs more time.


Yes NOW is a PUN!

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