Sunday, 15 August 2010

Old King Shaul - Hi Merry Old Soul - Rides Again

Originally published 8/15/10, 8:29 pm.
I have a friend named Shaul, who seems to think that Obama should support the Ground Zero Mosque but steadfastly opposes building any new shuls in Teaneck, somehow he reminds he of:
He who is a Rachman to an Achzar will someday be an Achzar to the Rachman.

Hmmm, let's see
Old King Shaul - rachmanut on Agag
New Shaul - rachmanut on Imam
Old King Shaul - hard on David
New Shaul - hard on new shuls in Teaneck
Old King Shaul - hard on Nov, Eer hakohanim
New Shaul - hard on ADL and on Abe Foxman
Old King Shaul - in denial when Shmuel talks to him
New Shaul - in denial when Wolpoe emails him :-)

AHA - in shaar hagilgulim the Arizal says that Shaul will come indeed back to be metaqein his previous life!
Here's his chance


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