Saturday, 6 November 2010

Bavli, Yerushalmi, and Qorbanot

It's hard to be certain as to why Bavli and Yerushalmi included certain Masechtot and excluded others.

It's a given though - that Bavli has a robust Seder Qodshim while Yerushalmi omits the Seder entirely.

A certain "Liberal" Rabbi - R "Simcha" - has insisted in maintaining that the Bavli is supreme in All Halachic matters

OTOH he has endorsed a Siddur minus all qorbanot - because he opines that this is the sentiment of the N'viim.

However, it appears he has actually endorsed the Yerushalmi over the Bavli in that - arguably - the Yerushalmi omitted the Qorbanot while clearly the Bavli included them

V'tzarich Iyyun


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