Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Naaseh v'Nishma - Intro

I delivered my first official "sermon" drashah at Brothers of Joseph Synagogue
in Norwich, CT - where the Mara d'atra WAS R. Michel Geller. I gave it on Shabbat Mishpatim, 1976 Note: My topic was Na'aseh v'Nishma, Years Before R Hecht founded "Nishma"

Also note: Just last night I spent an hour with R Geller's son Sh'muel - as we reminsced about Norwich, New London, Colchester, and Hartford during an engagement party [vort]. The "small world" connectivity was in high gear and I could give the readership a glimpse into Jewish Geography but I'd prefer to focus on the Torah aspect

First please see
Women and Talmud Study | Cross-Currents


Written by R Hershel Grossman. Full disclosure: R Grossman has recently taught me some Talmud and Nefesh Hachaim.

Especially see the comments by many including R Micha Berger, the esteemed Moderator of the Avodah List.

There may be some valid disputes with RHG's thesis, but most comments are AISI really not grappling with RHG's salient point at all, and are in essence attacking "strawmen" by failing to correctly perceive his main point.

Since I too might not perceive RHG fully, I'm offering instead my own d'var Torah on this subject in an attempt to define an important dichotomy.

This dichotomy IS the essence of Naaseh v'Nishma and will - I hope - help to map out RHG's sheetah in a more accessible manner.

My d'var torah from 1976 - expounded anew.


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