Thursday, 11 November 2010

P. Vatyeitzei - A Dual Mission

Rashi on the very opening verse is bothered by the question of "why the redundant verb VAYEITZEI"!? It could could have sufficed - to say Vayeilech Yaakov Haranah?

Rashi offers a lesson al pi D'rash re: how the departure of a "tzaddiq" leaves an impression

Here is another answer to Rashi's same query based more on P'shat.

"Vayeitzei" - he left to escape Esav's wrath

"Vayeilech Haranah" - he went to find a "proper" shidduch

Quite similarly

"Vayeitzei" - he left as per Rivka's Command

Vayeilech Haranah - he went to Haran as per Yitzhak's Command [and technically also Rivka's command]

While this lacks the Beautiful Hidush of Rashi's Drash, it does seem to flow from the P'shat at then end of Tol'dot


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