Sunday, 21 November 2010

Debate over the Rambam's 13 Principles - Post 4

This will sound strange but I studied under R. Parnes, and I'm
acquainted with Dr. Shapiro.  I don't know R. Leff but I did read his 

As I see it [aisi], they are not so much arguing as talking past each
other. R Parnes and R Leff are asserting a generality that all 
Observant Jews have come to accept the "13 Principles" Dr. Shapiro 
argues that the 13 Principles as specifically articulated by the Rambam 
has been quibbled with for centuries.

IMHO - both sides are essentially correct.

The acceptance of the 13 may be summarized - for example - By Yigdal.
Everyone seems to accept these in principle. The original version as 
articulated by the Rambam was - as I understand it - never accepted by 
everyone without at least some objections.

To Reject the 13 as understood EG by R Parnes would indeed be beyond
the pale. To reject the very specific formulation of Rambam and quibble 
about P'rattim would probably be quite acceptable. EG Anyone who 
recites Machinsei Rachamim or Borchuni L'shalom is rejecting the strict 
construction of the Rambam's formulation. Rather, those who recite 
these have a looser construction of the 13, one that in Yeshivishe 
Circles would not be deemed a "rejection".



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Nishma said...

It seems that the Academic society sees the iqqarim in the way they were originally formulated.

While the "frum" society [either the Yeshiva Society or the Hassidic Society] sees it in the way it's been implemented