Tuesday, 30 November 2010

The Hanukkah I Hanukkah II Hypothesis - The Questions

Originally published 11/30/10, 1:06 pm.
Hanukkah is mentioned in the following texts
• Maccabees I + II
• Josephus
Al Hanissim
Megillat Taaanit
Yet the Miracle of the Oil is omitted, excepting the Scholion of the Megillat Taanit.
• Why is there no mention of the Miracle of Oil in the above?
• How is it that the Mishnah does not treat the Laws of Hanukkah at all? It merely mentions Hanukkah in passing - EG Ner Hanukkah in Bava Kama.
• Without the Miracle of the Oil, how did Hanukkah get to be Eight Days Long?
• Given the Absence of the Mizbei'ach why do we still celebrate Hanukkah Nowadays?
• Why is it the Bavli that first mentions the miracle of the oil?



JudahM said...

What about מגילת אנטיוכוס?

The miracle of the oil is mentioned explicitly in that ancient and Jewish source. So why are you so worried about the non-Jewish sources?

Nishma said...

Mgilatt Antiyochus is a very late document. Maybe circa 800 CE