Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Turkey Day - A recent Discussion

A Hareidi vs. Modern Orthodox Debate about Celebrating Thanksgiving

Although this conversation took place between two Americans, both attended yeshivot in Canada! :-)

"Avraham" is a Hareidi from Boro Park

"Yitzchak' is Modern Orthodox from "NewTown"

Avraham: Do you celebrate Thanksgiving?

Yitzchak: Yes, we do

A: How do you do it? What's the seder?

Y: Well we usually serve Turkey and all the fixings. I make sure to wash in order to bench and that enables me to recite "Nodeh lecha"

A: That's it?

Y.: Some spell out what they're thankful for. I don't do that out loud, just in my heart. Also sometimes I'll have wine etc. and make a bit of a Simchah out of it.

I've hear that some make their Thanksgiving meal their Friday Night Shabbat meal.

A: I see. In Boro Park we see this as Goyish. And if it's Goyish, it's treif.

Y We Moderns see this as non-sectarian although it is based upon our Torah's Hag Ha'Assif. We think it's meaningful to express our gratitude once a year and we embrace it

A: I see. I never knew from this in Boro Park - though I have heard that some rabbonim allow it.

Y: Understood. We Moderns don't necessarily think it's required, just a nice thing to do


And that pretty much sums up a the gap [chasm?] Between a Hareidi approach to society and a Modern O approach. And IMHO - it's more about sociology than about Halachah


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