Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Basic Rabbinic Literacy 2 - Outline

Originally published 12/29/10, 1:02 PM, Eastern Daylight Time.
There is no one definitive version of topics, but we need to start somewhere. Details to follow BE"H in subsequent postings
1. Tanach
2. Parshanut
3. Oral Torah
4. Basic Halachah
5. Mitzvot
6. Machshava
7. Liturgy
I'm tempted to add. Something "analytical" or about darkei p'saq, but I'm thinking this goes beyond basic literacy and takes it to the all-important next step.
BE"H I will expand on these in future posts and allow for some flexibility and leeway.
One point to contemplate is how completely must one cover a topic or text? And when does a significant subset suffice.

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