Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Pick Your Pasqening Preferences 1 - Mincha, Sh'qiah, Minyan

I've engaged in an offline discussion as to "which trumps which"

Namely -
Davening Minchah alone BEFORE sh'qiah
Davening with a Minyan even after Sh'qiah

SA-Rema O"Ch 233:1
Ba'er Hetev 5
Mishnah B'rurah. 11,14
Biur Halach D"H "d'haynu"
Sha'ar Hatsiyyun 16,18,21

MB: "Lochein , l'chatchilah tzorich ... l'hitpalleil qodem sh'qiat Hahamah davqa"

Let's look at 2 similar scenarios and see how this applies. The specific "gray area" I have is "how to Pasqen scenario B" - especially in light of this MB..

Given - Scenario A

Minchah is scheduled to take place in shul AFTER sh'qiah.

So MB pashut says L'chatchilah daven Mincha at home before Sh'qiah

[Note: Others -like me say better go to minyan even after sh'qiah so long as before tseit. EG Rema, Kitzur SA]

Scenario B

Minchah is scheduled to take place in shul 15 minutes BEFORE sh'qiah. BUT the
Minyan is running late and it's 1-3 minutes before the z'man

Would MB consider this

1. a case of sha'at hadchak and would even he wait for a Minyan?


2. Would MB say it's STILL a lechatchilah and so it's time to daven now regardless even if it deprives the Minyan of tefillah betzibbur later on!?!

B1 says - the MB might allow the lechatchillah as having gone to shul and so now it's Sha'at Hadchaq.

B2 is saying the Lechathcilah is absolute.

* see B3 below

B1 might also say be mitztareif the other tzad [that of other sheetot] and use that as a s'nif l'haqeil since we're uncertain, [Dialetic]

B2 NO WAY! What part of Lechtchilah do you not understand? The MB would STILL insist in davening Minchah straight-away and sacrificing the later Tefillah betzibbur
[Absolute straight read of TEXT]

* There is a B3 of sorts namely - to consult Talmiddim of MB and determine what the MB himself would do. [Original Intent of author - regardless of the text]


Straight Read vs. Dialectic

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