Thursday, 2 December 2010

The Hanukkah I Hanukkah II Hypothesis - The Outline

Originally published 12/2/10, 8:42 pm.
The Outline

I have posted this previously on the web In the meantime I will present it again briefly using my taciturn New English terseness. :-)
Hanukkah was a "discontinuous" function. It originally was an "Independence Day" - namely from its inception until the Hurban. It then went "Kaput" * for several generations following the Hurban.
It was subsequently revived and resuscitated sometime later on during the era of the Talmud.
Hanukkah I:
• Maccabees I + II
• Josephus
Al Hanissim
• The Braitto of Beth Shammai and Beth Hillel
•. The Dedication of the Mizbei'ach
• Political Independence
Interruption *
•. The Mishnah
Hanukkah II
• TB Shabbat
• THe Scholion to Megillat Taanit
• The Miracle of the Oil

* Note that during the "interuption" Hanukkah was likely to have been practiced as a "Minhag


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