Monday, 6 December 2010

Science, Hanukkah, and Miracles

Originally published 12/6/10, 9:10 am.
Dreidles and Daily Miracles: What a Modest, Spinning Top Can Teach Us About the Miracles in Our Lives » - The Online Voice of Torah Jewry
-  R' Eliyahu Safran

«As Tamar Sofer wrote in a recent blog, "My husband, a laser physicist, tells me that scientists who study particle physics are more likely to become religious. Scientists are notoriously hard to convince of anything. Yet, when these skeptical scientists see the perfect, natural order of the world, they decide nano and up, that this world was planned. The marvelous design before them becomes the miracle they need to become convinced." Indeed, it is quite often those scientists who study natural law in its greatest complexity and detail who appreciate miracles the most. »
My Physics teacher Dr. Genovese from the summer of 1972 at UConn's W. Hartford branch - said that you cannot see what the particles can do without believing in G-d. I had always assumed he was a religious Catholic, but I'm not so sure of that now, rather, I'd say for certain that he witnessed the "Hand of G-d" in G-d's Handiwork.


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