Sunday, 8 May 2011

Broiling Liver on a George Foreman Grill - the Question

Originally published 5/8/11, 7:38 pm.
Given: Livers require broiling because salting is deemed insufficient to remove all of its blood

Question: May we broil a liver on a "George Foreman" Grill?

See Ben Ish Chai Parshat K'doshim year 2 #1

Broiling atop hot coals directly is OK even without any space in between, because there is still room for the blood to ooze out and escape

And secondary heat is permitted by rov Poskim. That is if a fire heats an oven, that hot oven is good enough to broil a liver.

Broiling in a frying pan - no matter how hot - is not deemed z'liyah.

The George Foreman Grill has aspects similar to each of the above...

Like coals, it has a heat source and it is designed to have drains which drain off the fat. It is also on an angle. This would allow blood to ooze without collecting.

Like a frying pan - it's still a kli and not an oven nor a set of coals.

What is the p'saq here? Does this grill accomplish "nura mishav sha'iv" and keep the blood from pooling? Or is it inadequate to the task?


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